The mission of Calvary Jail Ministries, Inc. is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with county, state, or federal jail or prison inmates through evangelism, discipleship, and Bible Study. Calvary Jail Ministries, Inc. intends to accomplish its mission through the use of paid ministers and unpaid volunteers. Therefore, all paid ministers shall have as primary duties: Bible teaching, evangelism, discipleship, supervising or leading worship services, providing spiritual help, guidance, and direction.

Currently serving in three counties: Forsyth, Davie, and Davidson, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to the salvation and restoration of inmates in these facilities. We distribute Bibles, daily devotional booklets, and study sheets for the classes we teach. In the weekly classes, we utilize discussions with experienced Bible teachers, video teaching materials, and worship music. We also make every attempt to support the guards and staff at these facilities.

We have regular Bible study classes with an average attendance of 20 inmates each at the Forsyth County Detention Center (downtown Winston-Salem) on Tuesday and Thursday nights, Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. We also host a monthly worship service for men with an average attendance of 60 to 80 and a monthly worship service for Hispanic women with an average attendance of 15 to 25. This state of the art, maximum security facility is mainly a short term jail for pre-trial and misdemeanant adult inmates, but also houses some inmates from the federal correctional system. Volunteers and worship services are coordinated by Robert Watson (see “contact us” button)

At the Davie County Detention Center in Mocksville, NC, we hold regular Bible study classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with inmate counseling ongoing during the day. Volunteers are coordinated by Chaplain Dan Rodriguez (see contact button). This is a medium security facility.At the Davidson County Jail in Lexinton, N.C. we are making weekly visits with inmates. We are currently holding bible studies and personal counseling during evening hours. Inmate capacity is 298 and this jail is considered a medium security facility. Volunteers are coordinated by Chaplain Dan Rodriguez (see contact button).


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